Emo and Scene Clothing Inspiration

Are you looking to start dressing Scene or Emo?  Or maybe just looking to bring your style and fashion to a new level?  Then check out these pics to give you a little inspiration to help you pull off that perfect Scene or Emo girl look.

How to Dress  Emo

Let’s assume you have the hair and make-up down.  That’s a big part of it.  Now clothing is the only issue.  Just like every other fashion style out there, black is your friend and you should make sure to add plenty of it to your wardrobe.  But don’t go too crazy with it.  You want to dress Emo or Scene, not Goth.  So think of your black as a base and include as many bright colors as possible to make you stand out.  Also look for emblems or designs of skulls, anchors and band t-shirts are a helpful addition to any clothing option.

How to dress like an emo or scene girl

Always stay away from brand names.  Especially sports brands.  You want to be unique and unique is what will make the look cool.  Don’t be a corporate sell out and flash Adidas or Reebok logo’s on your clothing.  Leave that for the Preps and the Jocks.  You want to look as much not like them as possible.

Dressing Emo and Scene

The most important thing is to be yourself.  Let your fashion be an extension of you, not some kind of fake version of you.  If you don’t feel comfortable in your clothing, you just won’t look good no matter how much you paid for it.  To be a true Scene or Emo girl means showing the world how much fun you are and if you are not enjoying the look, you’ll end up just looking like a poser.  And nobody likes a poser!


Nerd Emo and Scene Fashion Inspiration

Emo and Scene girl nerd fashion inspiration.

Hey girls.  Here is a little bit of fashion inspiration if you are looking for a Scene girl or Emo look, but want to nerd things out a little.  Nerd is Tres Chic and always in style.  Big framed glasses can be your best accessory and you don’t even need them to be prescription or even have lenses.  You can even head down to a thrift or second hand store and pick up a pair really cheap and then just knock the lenses out.  It’s a super hot look.  Especially for Scene or Emo girls.  Try it out and enjoy!